Golf Course Etiquette

 Important Golf Course Information

Please read

Welcome to Heritage Oaks Golf and Country Club.  Golf is a game where courtesy and etiquette must always be observed.  The following policies must be strictly adhered to for the maximum enjoyment of everyone using the golf course. 


Arrival- the staff will remove clubs from your car and load them on your assigned cart. Tipping is not required but most golfers provide a tip.

Check in-check in with the staff in the Proshop.

Practice area- balls are available on the range from 7:00AM to 5:00PM daily. On days where the range is restricted to the artificial mat - do not leave the mat!!

The putting green is open during daylight hours. We ask that you do not use range balls on the practice green. Chipping is not permitted in the putting green area.

There are no restrictions on the use of the chipping area.

Playing golf

Every cart is equipped with the TFM GPS system which provides hole distance, pin placement, hazards etc. TFM GPS system also controls cart usage in controlled areas such as greens, tees, wet areas, and the rough.

Carts are not permitted in the rough at any time.

Your cart will automatically shut down in controlled areas. For example, if you are within 15 yards of the green you will need to back out of the controlled area.

Entry to fairways should follow the 90 degree rule.

It is important to fill divots with the sand provided on your cart. It is also important to fill any unfilled divots in your immediate area to include tees, fairways and rough.

Bunkers-  enter from low side with rake.  Completely rake any sand areas you’ve created. Tap shoes to remove or clean off any sand. Leave rake in bunker.

Pace of play - the expectation is that all rounds of golf will be played in less than 4hr. and 15 minutes. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Play ready golf
  2. For balls in the rough:  check the screen for distance. Decide which club(s) to take to your ball-don’t forget sand
  3. Lost ball- go to your ball first, hit and then help find the lost ball
  4. Putt out when possible
  5. Park cart at the side or behind green
  6. Mark scores at next tee

Care of greens

  1. Repair all ball marks on the green
  2. Do not scuff your feet on the green
  3. Do not use putter head to remove ball from cup
  4. Place flag on green-do not drop
  5. First person to hole out replaces pin

Dress code- appropriate golf attire is required at all times.  HOGCC does not allow denim, cargo shorts/pants, backward facing hats or tank tops. Men's shirts should be tucked in at all times   with the following exceptions: very large men who are unable to tuck in shirts or who wish to conceal a medical device.

After golf- Please discard leftover trash before returning cart to the clubhouse. Carts may be taken to your car in the parking lot but please exercise extreme care when driving cart in the parking lot.  Check with staff as to where to leave your cart.