Heritage Oaks Golf Course
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Hole: 8

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Black 533 5 9
Black/Blue 533 5 9
Blue 524 5 9
Blue/Silver 489 5 9
Silver 489 5 9
Green (M) 483 5 9
Green (W) 483 5 1
Gold 429 5 1
Gold/Red 401 5 1
Red 401 5 1

Hole #8 is a scenic par 5 that weaves through the tree line. This hole has multiple turns, mounds, and bunkers making it a test for all golfers.
How to Play It:
The tee shot should favor the middle of the fairway. There is a small pond on the left side which will catch an errant tee shot, and a nature preserve lines the entire left side of the hole. The second shot needs to be hit right of the oak tree on the left side of the fairway. The fairway bunker beyond the oak tree must also be avoided. The approach shot should be hit to keep the ball below the hole on this sloped green.
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