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Golf Course Etiquette


Golf is a game where courtesy and etiquette must always be observed.  The following policies must be strictly adhered to for maximum enjoyment of everyone using the Golf Course.

1)  Repair ball marks on greens and fill all the divots in the fairways.
2)  Rake tracks before leaving a sand bunker.  Remove sand from shoes before walking on greens.
3)  After finishing a hole, place the flag in the hole and leave the green immediately.  Proceed to the next tee.  Do not remain parked along the side of the green.  Mark scores at the next tee.
4)  Be respectful of private property surrounding the Golf Course.  Under no circumstances shall golf carts be driven on, or any shot played from, other than Golf Course property.
5)  Slow play: All players must make every effort to keep play moving.  Slower groups should invite faster groups to play through any time there is an open hole in front.  Should these conditions prevail and the faster group is not invited through; it shall be the right and privilege of the faster group to ask permission to play through.  Any time a group is allowing another group to play through, they should remain stationary until the group behind has played through.  A group must step aside and let the group or groups behind play through any time a Course Advisor so requests.  Any group that fails to maintain their position on the Golf Course may be asked by the Course Advisor to pick up and move to the next tee or leave the Golf Course.
6)  Non-experienced golfers are asked to refrain from playing during peak times of the day.
7)  Cell phones are to be on vibrate on the Golf Course and used only for emergency phone calls.